• To help prevent vibration, make sure your washer is level.
  • Always use the right proper type and amount of detergent.  Too much suds can make your washer work harder that results to more unnecessary extra rinse cycles, increasing wash time.
  • Instead of wash smaller loads do larger loads to save water, energy, wear and tear on the machine but remember do not over stuff it that could lead to out of balance and it could shorten the washer’s life.

One more tip:  Over time the two rubber hoses connected to your washing machine, they can rot and burst – which will leave you with a big mess and damage that leads to big bill.  It is not expensive to replace them with stainless steel braided hoses.  🙂


 Always the first thing is to check the vent If your dryer takes a long time to dry. Your air vent can be clogged badly inside due to lint built up that can block an amount of heat that is supposed to deliver and it also restricts the air flow, therefore increasing the drying time.

Extra tip:  Clean the lint screen after every load you dry your clothes.  🙂

Some of the greatest potential for flood and fire comes from your washer and dryer so check them regularly.